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Step into the world of premier Public Relations and Special events with Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, the unparalleled firm in Los Angeles, CA. With over four decades of industry experience, Lynn Allen Jeter and her team bring a unique blend of creativity, cultural sensitivity, and expertise to every project. From dynamic PR and marketing campaigns to unforgettable special events, we bring your vision to life with a touch of editorial finesse.

Legendary PR Mastery Cultivated Over Four Decades of Industry Dominance


Lynn Jeter - Founder & CEO


Under the steadfast direction of the founder Lynn Allen Jeter, In her four decades of entertainment and public relations experience, Lynn Jeter has gone from working in a clerical job at Motown in storied label’s early days to leading one of the most respected PR firms in the industry. 



Aisha Nikole

Director of Public Relations, Public Relations Officer 

Aisha, a dynamic Multi-hyphenate Entrepreneur, brings over a decade of expertise in strategic storytelling and branding. Notably, she has capably managed recent company accounts while establishing herself as a master strategist. Her impressive portfolio includes creating diverse social and educational curriculums globally. Aisha's exceptional talents have earned her features in esteemed outlets like Vh1, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, & LA Weekly. As a seasoned speaker, she's been a guest on numerous radio and TV programs, sharing insights alongside top influencers. With three published books covering self-help and personal empowerment, Aisha is dedicated to leveraging her PR prowess to empower clients and secure them the recognition they deserve in their fields.

Kay Coria 

Director of Marketing, Senior Publicist

Kay Coria is a digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience. She credits working in the entertainment industry early on in her career as a catalyst for her continued success in bridging the gap for businesses to get in front of their target audience. From working with music artists, and producing TV shows, to event planning & social media marketing. Playing these different roles simultaneously inspired her to pursue marketing, on a digital scale. Kay is focused on driving the company's vision of helping our clients perform better and improve their personal brand and business by building marking strategies to promote our exceptional product innovation and purpose-driven initiatives. 


Nubia Stephens

Director of Account Management 

Aisha is a Multi-hyphenate Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. Aisha has created numerous social and educational curriculums and events throughout the globe. She is a master storyteller and strategist with a sweet spot for branding. She is the founder of Powerology™, a pioneering, innovative study that aims to develop clients personally and professionally. She’s been featured on Vh1, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, &  LA Weekly to name a few. She has appeared on over two dozen radio broadcast programs and several tv networks. Aisha has spoken at countless colleges + conferences and has shared the stage with some of the top male and female influencers, and has authored three books with topics ranging from self-help to personal empowerment. Aisha's goal is to help our clients get the power-positioning and spotlight they deserve. 

Lynn Allen Jeter
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