Record Time_ Vinyl Day 2020
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Gala & Awards 2016
Orange and Turquoise Typographic Instagr
2017 Holiday Party
Manchild Hollywood Premiere
Manchild Screening
Kat Tat Model Type Art Show
Model Type
Craft Syndicate
Craft Syndicate
Craft Syndicate
Mathew Knowles GF & champagne flyer_preview
Moreno Toast Beverly Hilton 2010
Toast Flyer_preview
March Toast 2017
June Toast 2017
Moreno Toast Beverly Hilton 2010
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ASW 2011
ASW 2011
Toast to Urban Music Executives
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Toast to Urban Music Executives
Ebony & Ivory
Stevie Wonder
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Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 12.16.02 PM
Berry Gordon
Berry Gordon
25th Anniversary of Tonight Show
Johnny Carson and his wife with Ice
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Special Event Productions

Strategic Planning and Event Development

  • Develop and execute comprehensive special event campaigns, focusing on goals and objectives.

  • Design strategies that effectively target and capitalize on current and future markets.

  • Create Publicity and product placement strategies.


  • Develop marketing plans.

  • Market research (qualitative and quantitative).

    o Develop market studies (focus groups, consumer studies, etc.)

    o Study and analyze market information

  • Target market identification.

  • Direct and digital marketing.

  • Develop immediate results through a cost-effective order/inquiry program.



  • Create, plan and implement special programs to produce, nurture and sustain interest and demand and online.

Graphic Design/Production

  • Create and design artwork and images for corporate identity, packaging, print, social media, electronic and outdoor media, promotional items.

  • Write and produce photographic, print, digital, audio/visual and multi-media presentations.

Media Placements

  • Media planning and buying to maximize client’s dollar on a digital, local, national or international level.

  • Placements in print, online, radio, television and outdoor.


Account Management

  • Analyze, counsel and provide various client services in a professional, sensitive and timely manner.

  • Timely and accurate reporting.

  • Responsibility and accountability.